Wow intimidating shout glyph

Welcome everybody to another of many exceptionally detailed pvp guides. It's very useful in situations where the enemy is team is stacked on top of each other, or is going to be using alot of CC on you. (World Pv P, BG's, RBG's, Arena.): You can play bloodbath against rogues in 2s, if they are sitting on your healer. : Anger management gives you stuns more often, your lvl 90 talent more often, reck more often, and die by the sword more often depending on your uptime. Glyphs are very important to maximising our characters potential.

This guide is brought to you by Smexxin, a Multi-R1 Warrior. :-Against some compositions, teams will try to kill you and CC your healer. You will find yourself needing to change your glyph setup based on the comps you play and face.

Applying three Sunder Armor stacks should typically be a high priority, as should be applying damage-reducing debuffs such as Demoralizing Shout and Thunder Clap.

Do you know about the "minor" Glyph of Intimidating Shout? Unfortunately, using intimidating should was much like throwing a large rock into a pond.

Old time players have a love/hate relationship with Intimidating Shout--it was great back in LBRS--because it could buy your party the time it needed to kill some nasty pull.

Smexxin's Armory - Sections: 1 - Suggested Talents and Glyphs 2 - Resource Management 3 - Race Selection 4 - Stats, Enchants, Gear Selection 5 - Damage Rotation and Priority System 6 - Surviving as a Warrior 7 - Crowd Control 8 - Utilizing Your Mobility 9 -Making the most of your utility 10 - Suggested Keybinds 11 - Suggested Macros 12 - Suggested Addons / Scripts When choosing talents there are often many choices you can make based on the comps you play, the comps you are playing against and the type of bracket you are playing such as 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 or Rated Battlegrounds. Sudden Death as fury hits with both hands and is the hardest hitting ability for fury warriors giving you the most burst potential. - You need to play furious strikes as fury if you are playing against plate wearers that you are planning on hitting most of the game. (World Pv P, BG's, RBG's, Arena.): You can play unquenchable thirst for fury in duels/world pvp/coliseum if you want to have stability and never die. Also sometimes your team needs more help with dealing against double melee teams. (World Pv P, BG's, RBG's, Arena.): None that come to mind. : Safeguard is reliable and gives nice damage reduction to help a teammate in a time of need. Below I will talk about the different races, what they offer and which race is best for both horde and alliance for pvp.

Below you will find Smexxin's thoughts on the best talents to take for each tier and why. : - Best talent for maximising your uptime on your target. : When your team desperately needs an extra stun, for example against double melee. ([World Pv P, BG's, RBG's, Arena.): Double time, and warbringer will both be used VERY rarely, double time only against resto druids in duels. : Only heal usable while stunned, and provides the strongest heal. You lose ALOT of damage though as you are giving up sudden death which is a huge part of your burst. : Stormbolt has the shortest cooldown and it is a ranged ability making it a very powerful tool. I believe human is the best overall, due to the amount of power gained from being able to use another DPS trinket.


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