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You know, people talk about their babies and open your eyes to other things, and you’re like, yeah, you’re right. So you’re gonna get it at 6am, because by the time the Commander General [two-year-old son John David] wakes up, I have no time… And you know, on Twitter, I follow like Bunji Garlin and some other people and the things that go on in Trinidad… That I grew up listening to all these musical genres… I still remember those little halls where I had my first little guy that I liked, so you’re looking across the classrooms there…I still think of that stage where Rochelle [Lewis] – who conducted the choir for me and arranged a bunch of the songs when I was in Trinidad – where we would just sit and work on music.So it’s great to go through, and I really try to see what everybody’s saying. I think what’s scary about that is that the only thing left is like rap – gangsta rap – and country… Bollywood, Scoutin – or as we like to call it, Scruntin’ – For Talent…there would be everything sung. George’s was my second school, because I started at St. So to some extent, it was the start of a musical playground for me, and I didn’t know it.8.30pm Cup of Throat Coat herbal tea in the interval.9.45pm After the show I have a banana or fruity cereal bar.Q: What can fans expect from the show from a production standpoint, as well as the songs you will perform?Will you go through your entire catalog to select songs, or stick to newer material?The laughs started early, so we give you pretty much the whole phone interview, right from the beginning. It’s got my games, got my books, I can reach out to people and say, come save me… Number one I like to see what people think and want, and number two we have an administrator to make sure people aren’t saying anything offensive. People have such sweet things to say, and such distinctive things that you really wanna think about. I learned from those performances, but because I have this respect, interest and love for it, I won’t sing it. I think Destra’s got a great, great voice and it would be fun to just sit down at some point and figure it out. And right now, I’m watching – and it’s beautiful – but I’m watching six inches of snow land on the driveway. But I am a bad packer, [my husband] Brian [Musso] always says. Because with all due respect, and I don’t like to generalise, but some of us Trinidadians are not great packers. We know how to wrap things up with masking tape and foil and get it here.

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7pm The wigs and dresses arrive, then I'm on stage non-stop until the interval.It has taken years to develop the show, with producer Harrison doggedly pursuing the stage rights, much to the amazement of Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote and produced the film.Kasdan couldn’t see how The Bodyguard could be turned into a musical. The actress created the role of Nala in The Lion King on Broadway, and starred in the Elton John-Tim Rice musical Aida.It took a while, but we finally caught up with Heather Headley for a proper interview in late January 2012, just a few weeks before Whitney Houston’s passing. And I try, sometimes it’s awful, because sometimes I’m even giving him my cheek, and I’m like ‘here, here’ and he’s like ‘no! But we’re heading south tomorrow, and that’ll make things better. My aunts have sent so much food the last few weeks for us… And me, I need all my face stuff, and all my dis, and…We talked about her memories of and ties to her homeland, Trinidad; preparations for her latest album; and taking on the role of Rachel Marron in the West End premiere of The Bodyguard musical that December. But you always see us: ‘Ah need a white pair of shoes, and den a black pair of shoes, and ah need a grey pair of shoes, and ah goin to de States so ah need meh long Johns’… I’m trying to be better so I can kind of race through the airport and not have the drama of all the packing. You know, when I did that show in Trinidad the other day, we did “Hammer”, and I was very scared about it, terribly frightened. Because I said I wanted to do it, but I’m not going to do it Caribbean. HH: I would love to do…it would be fun to do a kinda soca thing.'The Bodyguard' is at the Adelphi Theatre, London WC2 NIGEL DENBY, dietitian Heather relies on two substantial meals while other performers prefer 'little and often' eating.


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