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Apparently Justin/Rated R’s girlfriend will make a phone call to Ali to let her know she’s dating Justin.

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Of course, Ali Fedotowsky’s darling exes couldn’t help but do what we were hoping they would: gossip about which guy in their season will be next to be made an honest man.Hunter Wagner, Age 28Occupation: Internet Account Executive Hometown: Fair Oaks Ranch, TX What is his dating dealbreaker: When his date can’t stop talking about superficial things Jason, Age 27Occupation: Construction Consultant Hometown: Johnson City, TN Jay, Age 29Occupation: Lawyer Hometown: Barrington, RI What he considers his greatest achievement: Graduating from law school Jesse Beck, Age 24Occupation: General Contractor Hometown: Peculiar, MO What is his best date memory: Having a food fight!He thought they were in love - but Ty Brown found himself heading home on the Bachelorette last night.Chris Hasek Watt, Age 27 Occupation: Real Estate Developer Hometown: Campbell River, Canada What he likes to do for fun: Play hockey, spend time with family Chris Lambton, Age 33 Occupation: Landscaper Hometown: Dennis, MA What a typical Saturday Night is: Hanging out in a bar with friends Occupation: Entrepreneur Hometown: Winter Park, FL Biggest achievement to date: Started his own company from scratch Craig, Age 34Occupation: Dental Sales Hometown: Sarnia, Canada What are his dating deal breakers?Someone who can’t carry on a one-on-one conversation, someone who talks too much about money, ex-boyfriends, or a woman who can’t loosen up and dance with him.He got stuck in traffic on the way back, and arrived grouchy and sweaty, so he went to the restroom to gather himself up a little.


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