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All services are regularly evaluated to ensure they meet the needs of victims.

In Cambridgeshire a ‘Victim and Offender Needs Assessment’, regular consultation with victims’ services providers and the victims themselves enabled a clear understanding of the needs of victims in the county.

In October 2010 an anonymous British winner scooped £113 million in the draw making them the second-largest lottery winners in the UK.

If you have a large or valuable collection we can arrange to visit you.

No fees, no negative feedback, no excuses, no fuss. We are a better than a Huntingdon high street record shop, independent record shop, record fair or any other place to sell your records in a Market, Town Centre or Huntingdon Shopping Centre, Center or Mall and we will pay more than a Huntingdon HMV, Our Price, Zavvi, Fopp, Virgin or Rough Trade shop.

Heterosexuality - sexual attraction to &/or sexual relations with a person or persons of the opposite sex.

Homosexuality - being sexually attracted to &/or having sexual relations to members of the same sex. Bisexuality being sexually attracted to &/or having sexual relations with both males and females.


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