1950 s dating advice

It’s no secret that times have changed since the 1950’s. Long gone are the days where women sat home waiting for their husbands to return from work and waiting on them hand and foot.

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Now, Miss Abigail must confess that she was a bit confused about how to go about rating oneself.According to a new study, the average modern woman would take a 1950s man over his 2013 counterpart.Men’s grooming brand Scaramouch & Fandango released the study’s results, finding more than half of all modern women (61 percent) consider the 1950s man to be more attractive and desirable than a modern 21st century man.While 1950s men may have demonstrated better traditional manners than modern men, they also believed women belonged at home and women who wanted to earn their own keep had few professional options to pursue.Modern women may find certain aspects of the 1950s male desirable, but it’s unlikely they’d be happy living with the era’s gender dynamics.Then I meant to do the post last night, but ended up watching the toe-tapping movie Easter Parade on TV instead. So I turned around in my office chair, plucked Figure Correction and Beauty for You, by Virginia Fallon, off my shelf, and found this instead! Fits well given my recent bathroom renovation to include a deep tub. It is an indefinable something, and allure, difficult to capture artificially. There are a million imitation film stars ~ the advertisements of the cosmetic manufacturers seem to cater specially for them ~ but there is only one YOU. A recent survey of over 1,000,000 American women conducted by the research department of a well-known University listed the following factors of feminine charm. There is no color scheme that isn’t right if you like it. Try doing a room in black and purple, with perhaps puce accent just for laughs.


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